Shark & Yolanda reef

Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are rated as one of the top ten dives in the world and is perhaps the most famous dive site of the Ras Mohammed National Park. The two reefs rise up from untold depths to the surface making a breathtaking, stunning, and dramatic topography. The dive is completed as a drift dive and is normally started in the direction of Shark Reef to Yolanda. With this dive, it is important to be quick on the entry as otherwise, it is possible to drift on the surface and miss the most amazing wall. It is a sheer drop down to 800 meters plus. Hanging out on the wall are snappers, batfish, barracuda, and much more especially when they mass together in the July/August peak period. It’s like diving in fish soup. The current takes you around to the ‘saddle’ the connecting reef between two vast pinnacles. Depending on the currents your dive guide will guide you around the front of Yolanda Reef. Look out into the blue as there are often large pelagic fish passing. The dive finishes on the remains of the wreck of the ‘Yolanda’. This dive can be a roller coaster ride of currents, which turn every which way during the dive – but it is adrenalin pumping awesome experience.


  • Site Depth: 10-30 m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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