Ras Burg

Ras Burg is a stunning wall drift dive. The namesake of the site comes from a huge rock formation that sits out of the water that indicates the entry point of the site. The point of interest here is a huge cavern underwater, that is located to the left of the Burg.

Glassfish cover the pinnacles on this site. Trevally can be found along with snappers, surgeonfishes and barracudas. Turtles, rays and a variety of reef fish are found here.

  • Comments • Dive site suitable for small groups of scuba divers. • The first chimney, the main point of attraction, is relatively narrow and should not be visited by more than 3 to 4 scuba divers at a time, so as to avoid damage to the walls. • Excellent site for photographers, especially at midday when the sun is in the zenith.
  • Features • Site is little frequented with madrepores and Alcyonarians (soft corals) still intact. • Nice wall with an interesting chimney rich in fauna and colours. Generally sheltered by wind and waves.


  • Site Depth: 20-30m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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