This dive site takes its name from the wide sandy alley that runs to the middle of the site and is frequented by large Jackfish and other predators such as Barracuda and Tuna.   The dive starts with a swim through a small cave exiting onto a steep wall.  Follow the wall around over a sandy plateau and make your way onto the satellite reef where large Turtles and Eagle Rays are commonly found.  Crossing the alley back onto the main reef at the end of the dive brings you to thick layers of table corals which are home to a fantastic array of colorful reef fish.

  • Comments. At the start of the dive do not descend more than 5-6 meters or you will miss the entrance to the first cave. • Only small groups of expert divers are allowed to explore the caves. • Carry a torch with you. Do not explore the caves for too long a time.
  • . An extraordinary marine landscape. • Caves with spectacular light effects. • Quite varied reef fauna. • The possibility to see pelagic predators.