Marsa bareika

Marsa Bareika is a huge natural bay area in the Ras Mohamed national park with a choice of several fixed mooring points located along its shoreline to dive from. The site can be dived in several ways with the most popular plan being made around a beautiful canyon located at the Northern end of the bay.

The dive begins in a shallow sandy bowl that is a macro lover’s delight. Sand divers, razor, blennies, Nudibranch, and sea moths can be found hiding out here as well as eagle rays and groups of spiraling wide-mouthed mackerel. The entrance to the open canyon at 10m is patrolled by lionfish and packed with glassfish. As you enter, the canyon opens into a series of staggered steps at 12m,18m, and 25m with the open water beyond creating a beautiful backdrop. Once you have explored the canyon, you keep the reef on your right shoulder and multilevel your dive from there over a shallow sandy plateau packed with coral pinnacles. This site is great for spotting octopus, moray eels, and scorpion fish. It is famed for pelagic sightings like whale sharks and sailfish in the summer that give way to groups of dolphins and stingrays during the winter. It is a dive which enjoys great conditions throughout the year that divers of all levels will enjoy.


  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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