Ras Um El Sid

Ras Um Sid is possibly one of the most exciting Sharm el Sheikh local dive sites. It’s a site that has a bit of everything including mixed topography, the potential for pelagic sightings, and fast currents. If there is very little current it can be dived as a mooring dive, but be careful that the current doesn’t pick up on the corner making it difficult to return to the exit point whether that is the boat or shore. Preferably it is dived as a semi-drift or drift dive. The dive starts with a steep wall that has a beautiful set of Gorgonian fan corals, it then transforms into a huge plateau. The current tends to whip divers around the corner and occasionally can push them out over the plateau. It is on the plateau that divers can often spot large pelagic species cruising by.


  • Site Depth: 70m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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