Ras Ghamila

  • The name Ras Ghamila’ Delightful Cape IN Arabic) is not on official maps, but is used by divers to indicate the tongue of reef that juts out eastwards and supports the green beacon marking the western end of the Strait of Tiran. All the ships that come down from the ports of Aqaba and Eilat must pass between this beacon and the red and white one on Gordon Reef. The coral reef of Ras Ghamila separates a vast and rather shallow sandy lagoon from the sea. Ras Ghamila is an interesting place for a fine drift dive that is not too difficult. The classic dive, which must be followed in any case when the tide is swelling, begins immediately after you have passed the hotel structures of the Conrad Resort; from this point, you dive onto an avast sandy plateau with a slight incline, staying at a depth of about 15 meters, and then continue in a sort of gliding motion northwards, parallel to the edge of the reef at a level with the beacon. On the gentle slope of the reef, which descends to an average depth of about 8 meters, there are many large colonies of Porites coral and some Giant triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens) often pass by, while on the plateau there are large Acropora corals (table corals). around which schools of pelagic fish swim.


  • Site Depth: 15m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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