Paradise Reef

  • General Information Paradise Reef lies just 600 m away from Umm Chararim and forms the southern end of the long group of reefs. It is also known to the Egyptians as “Orabi“, named after local fishermen. The 120 m wide reef measures 930 m from north to south and provides safe moorings, which, though suitable, are seldom used for overnight stays and night dives. Altogether, few boats come here, since most of them head further north to Umm Chararim making it seldom crowded. Because of its shallow depth and generally weak currents, the reef offers easy dives.
  • Paradise dive site in Sharm El Sheikh has a beautiful sloping coral garden plateau that ranges from 10m - 25m at the drop-off. Divers can drift keeping the reef on their left shoulder and enjoy a variety of hard coral species like Porites and Acropora and a range of unusually shaped pinnacles packed with soft corals and Gorgonian sea fans. Popular with stingrays, turtles and moray eels, and all the usual Red Sea suspects, this is a dive that has something for everyone.


  • Site Depth: 20m +
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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