Woodhouse Reef

Woodhouse Reef is an elongated reef positioned diagonally between Thomas and Jackson reefs. Its main itinerary, suitable for beginner and advanced divers, starts approximately halfway through the reef’s length, close to a scenic canyon lying at a depth of 20-25 meters. During the dive, divers can encounter spotted stingrays, pufferfish, lionfish, moray eels, anemones, clownfish, and the occasional pelagic species in the deep blue. Close to the northeast corner, in the direction of Jackson Reef, the wall gives way to a stunning coral garden, teeming with life. It is time to finish the dive with a five-minute safety stop unless of course, you are heading to Ras Goma. 


  • Site Depth: 20-25 m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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