Gordon reef

Tiran’s southernmost reef, Gordon Reef is a beautiful dive site accessible to divers of all skills thanks to its reduced depth and weak to absent currents. Gordon's vast coral plateau offers several different dive itineraries. The most popular ones generally start at the mooring point and finish in the proximity of the northern corner before the current’s intensity increases. The shallow coral garden, with its white sand and near-perfect water transparency, makes for a great location where to take great macro pictures. Halfway through the dive, the remains of Louilla’s still visible cargo created several artificial reefs where lionfish, angelfish, anemones, with clownfish find shelter. The outer wall and its sandy banks are often visited by turtles and zebra sharks


  • Site Depth: 1 to 30 m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

Diving Conditions

  • Average Air Temperature:
  • Average Water Temperature: 
  • Visibility: 
  • Current:

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