Shag Rock

  • Shag Rock, situated about 5 a mile south of Sha’ab
  • Ali and 6 miles away from the wreck of the Thistlegorm, is the name given to a shallow reef marked by a small metal lighthouse on its south-eastern side. A big sandy plateau by this lighthouse extends to a depth of 8-10 meters, with a fixed shamandura called the Lady Jenny Mooring On the northern side of the reef on the sandy seabed at a depth of 15 meters, there is a small wreck lying in a south-north direction with its bow stranded on the reef. The wreck at Shag Rock has for a long time been falsely called Sara H., an imaginary name that in reality does not apply to any ship: this wreck is KINGSTON Type of ship: merchant Nationality: British Year of Construction: 1871 Length: 78 m Width: 10 m Tonnage: 1449 t Date of shipwreck: 22nd February 1881 Depth: 4-17 m
  • the British cargo vessel Kingston built-in 1871 in Sunderland by Oswald Shipbuilding Co. which ran aground on this reef on the 22nd February 1881 whilst en route to Aden, located in southern Yemen, with its cargo of coal. The Kingston was 78 meters long, 10 meters wide, with a 1,449 tonnage, and was equipped with a twin-cylinder engine giving the vessel a velocity of || knots. The exploration of the ship starts at the stern at a depth of 15 meters where the still intact propeller can be observed. The route continues into the inside of the hull, easily accessible as the wooden bridge is no longer there and the area is well illuminated by sunlight. The remains of the engine room with the boilers are still nicely visible whereas the bow area situated at a depth of 4 meters is destroyed. To the right of the wreck, you can see the remains of the mast resting on the seabed. The fauna here is particularly interesting and comprises surgeonfish (Genera Acanthurus and Zebrasoma), rabbitfish (genus Siganus), and nudibranchs. From here you continue the dive either to the east or west to explore the reef populated by a rich fauna represented by jackfish (genera Caranx and Carangoides), groupers and snappers, turtles, and Whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus) or an Eagle ray. Schools of dolphins are regularly spotted in this area.


  • Site Depth: 17 m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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