Dunraven Wreck

The Dunraven Wreck is a former 80 m-long Bristish Steamship. In March 1876, on its way back from India, she hits the Beacon Rock reef. Its cargo of wool and cotton was then set on fire before sinking, with no loss of life. The wreck was only discovered in 1979 and it took some time to identify the Ship.

She now lies upside down in 2 pieces with the deepest part being around 28m deep and the shallowest around 18m deep. It is possible to dive the whole wreck on a single dive and to enter the hull in several places through large holes.

You will find inside schools of Goatfishes, Glassfishes, and Moray Eels with beautifully soft and black coral. The marine life is excellent around the Dunraven, especially for the small stuff. It is a good spot for macro underwater photography where you can find along the hull Nudibranchs, Scorpionfishes, Pipefishes, and even the rare and beautiful Ghost Pipefish has been spotted!

You can finish your dive on the nearby reef for great coral and teeming reef life. There you can spot Barracudas and Turtles as well as curious Batfishes. Dolphins can also sometimes swim by ;-).

It is an easy wreck dive due to the generally good conditions and its sheltered location. The Dunraven Wreck is often the first dive of a North Red Sea wreck dive Safari before exploring the excellent and famous Thistlegorm Wreck!

You can scuba dive the Dunraven Wreck on a day trip from Sharm El sheikh. It takes about 2 hours by boat to go there. Another option is to take a Liveaboard exploring the North of the Red Sea. They usually start from Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada.

Dunraven Wreck is classified as a Deep dive. Most people are here for Wreck Diving.

You can dive Dunraven Wreck all year long. Access: from the Shore. See the map of Dunraven Wreck on the right for the exact location.


  • Site Depth: 28 m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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