Moray Garden

The access to Moray Garden lies directly in front of many beach bars, so you can also seize the opportunity and take a seat on the cushions to enjoy the traditional tea of the Bedouins. We also recommend the Chicken Sandwiches which are generally an ideal lunch before the second dive of the day. As the journey to the south usually takes around 30 minutes we normally stay there the whole day, so there is more than enough time to relax, sunbathe, read a book or share diving adventures with your dive buddies.

There are various routes on offer at this spot. The first one leads from the Golden Blocks to Moray Garden, the second option would go from Moray Garden to Three Pools and the third alternative would be a dive within Moray Garden. Tell your guide what you would prefer: He will be able to help you choose your perfect dive – also with regard to currents and visibility. Our aim is always to fulfill your wishes as best as possible.

The dive within Moray Garden offers a wide range of discoveries. You will almost find the entire range of the Red Sea's biodiversity. And of course, there will also be morays awaiting your visit – as they are the ones that gave these dive spot its name. 


  • Site Depth: 25m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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