Marcus, located at the northeast corner of Sha’ab Abu Nahas, with an average depth of 18m, a maximum depth of 25m, and average visibility of 20m. This wreck lies at the northeastern corner of the reef which allows a combination of wreck and reef dive. The bow section was almost completely destroyed in the collision with the reef, and the forward sections are a mess, but the state of preservation improves as one travels toward the stern, where the hull and superstructure are virtually unscathed. Much of this area can be penetrated. The sloping reef to the south is very steep, cliff-like in places, with a fine array of hard and soft corals and a wide range of cracks, canyons, and caveats. Fish life includes species such as grouper, wrasse, snapper, and many others competing with the pelagic species drawn by the sheer profile and big currents. Jacks are very common here, and barracuda are also a possibility, while sharks can occasionally be seen. 


  • Site Depth: 25 m
  • Level: Suitable For All Levels

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